Monday, October 8, 2007

a little love story

It was bound to happen eventually. A young woman, thousands of miles from home, will inevitably peak the interest of the opposite sex. But while I’ve done my fair share of explaining that, “I already have a boyfriend,” and, “No, he’s not here right now, but that doesn’t change anything,” the attention hasn't been entirely frustrating.

Still, I suppose I never anticipated a suitor quite this....short.

Meet Musa. Musa happens to be in love with me.

The other day, his mother told my host mom that Musa kept going on and on about another child from the crèche.

“He’s always saying, ‘Oh, Emy did this, Emy said that.’ So I’m wondering, who is this Emy?”

My host mom laughed and told Musa’s mother that “Emy” was in fact Musa’s teacher, not his classmate.

Apparently, Musa also asked Jessy if I had a boyfriend. (She wisely suggested he talk to me himself.)

Of course, I have had my own hints here and there.

It began two weeks ago. Everyone was working on a project and, as usual, vying for attention. Generally this involves shouting, “EMY! EMY! EMY!” until I say something like, “BEAUTIFUL!” or “Perfect job!” and smile approvingly. Should the yelling approach fail, there’s always jabbing me repeatedly in the side until I respond.

Musa was doing a bit of both that day. Finally, after enough jabbing to form a proper bruise, I looked down and said, “WHAT, Musa?”

He just gazed back up at me and said, “Emy? I love you.”

Naturally, the impatient wench I’d been the moment before disappeared completely. “Oh, well, thank you Musa. I love you, too. Now get back to work.”

Later that day, he kissed me on the cheek after I tied his shoe. And last week, he kept making me hearts out of playdough.

It seems Andy better watch himself, eh? :)

Really, though, certain males out there would do well to take a few cues from Musa. Frequent affection, open devotion, and presents? He’s definitely onto something!