Saturday, July 31, 2010

emy and pepper go on an adventure

Fed up with neighborhood strolls and runs through the park, we set off in search of some wilderness....

A short while later we were here, trying to decide which path to take. It was all very, uh, Frostian (yuk yuk yuk).

But then we saw this sign, telling us of a shortcut to the lake, and the way was obvious.

Especially when we realized our chosen path went through the forest, unlike the other, paved option. (So perhaps ours was the road less traveled, hmm? Ha ha heh! I know, I know, I'll stop.)

Pepper bravely led the way.

Er, until she got distracted, that is.

So many good smells, too much to take in!

Her still puppy-like self just couldn't take it.

Eventually we crossed this road, with a very interesting sign. . .

Turns out the Berlin Wall used to run along this same stretch.

But another sign soon reminded us of today's goal: To the lake!

It was strange to see giant blocks of apartment buildings stretching up through the trees. . .

. . . so we just looked the other way. (This, believe it or not, was all there was to be had of one very small lake. See it? It's right there, behind that grass! No? Yeah, well, nothing much to see. Just gotta enjoy the green.)

But nevermind. We kept on going, and soon we were walking through a grove of birch trees.

We emerged to find a heron feeding in this stream. Can you spot him? They may be fairly common, but the majesty of a heron always takes my breath away.

Even Pepper was pretty chilled out after that.

As we started on the path back home, the sun came out to show off its skill at shadow play.

And a clearly satisfied Pepper made for success all around.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

it's in my nature

Recently did some of that wandering I am so prone to while Andy was here for a visit. The shot above was taken by him in Potsdam.

I'm house- and dog-sitting for two weeks (one down, one more to go), and I've been using the time to hike and go for runs (dog in tow, of course), cook healthy & delicious food, sleep in, watch a little too much TV (haven't had one of those since I moved here so am making up for it), read, and apply for jobs. That last one isn't as fun or relaxing as the rest, but it feels good to be somewhat productive, in a practical sort of way. I've also been thinking out my potential Etsy shop for the ump-teenth time, as a fall back/free time sort of venture. We'll see. For now, though, more of that reading/sleeping mentioned above.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

people [draw] pictures of each other

My children (ok, so it's more like, "my" children) are frequently gifting me drawings. As I emphatically receive their handiwork, they almost always add, "It's you!" This obviously melts my heart (even in this 97 degree heat, ugh), and I can't bear to part with any of these crayon-and-marker masterpieces. I'd scan 'em if I could, but I don't have a scanner at the moment (go figure). Instead, I've been taking (semi-crap) photographs of all the drawings, just to make sure I've got documentation (validation?). Below, the Miss K Portrait Gallery: Different Artists, One Theme.

It's like that time they did the cows in Chicago - ONLY BIGGER! Except not, not at all. Well, okay, in my world. Probably only there, but ya know. So goes it.