Wednesday, June 4, 2008

in general

Here are some of the photos mentioned in my last post. (Hard to believe I'm actually getting around to posting them, let alone so soon! We'll see how long this lasts.)

Getting ready for the Oregon Trail - the supplies:

Getting everything laid out and organized. Placemats served as rugs, cake tins as pots and pans. Then of course you have your dishes, blankets, and toys (though I doubt the pioneers had hot pink jump ropes).

The baskets, all packed up and ready to be brought to school, where everything was set out at the "General Store" for the kids to gather and (re)pack themselves.

Each group received a "tool box" and a "water barrel" (empty 9.5 liter plastic container), so they all started with two essentials and the same amount of weight.

And now for my life outside of school - art:

Working on the designs...

...then cutting them out after making a template. (I'm officially in love with my light box, by the way.)

Ta-Da! The final product. Er, one of them anyway. This is from a set of four, called "Natura." (The other glasses each have a different design - branches with leaves, berries, and a floral motif.)

And then of course, there's my alter-ego. For all those times I sat around thinking, "Man, I wish I had a drinking glass with Harriet the Spy etched on it. That's the only thing standing between me and happiness!" (Not. But it does make me pretty happy.)

So there you have it: A brief and fascinating summary of my life these past few months. Ish. School and art. And of course there have been books, always books. Actually, that sounds more like the story of my life in general, not just recently. So goes it.