Friday, August 19, 2011

how fickle my heart

The moments of melancholy expressed in my last post didn't last long, nor were they as intense as they've been in the past; I sort of expect those feelings now. But I did make a concerted effort to cheer myself up:

The tub here is amazing, and the soap provided by the hotel leads to lavish foam (very, like something you'd expect of a Marilyn Monroe movie). And yes, my rubber duck was there, too. I bought it at Daiso the other day, because I don't cope so well without whimsy.

Later I put the iPod on shuffle and danced around my room, which I hadn't really done since high school. (Even better, I used to buy rolls of bubble wrap and spread it out on the floor, then dance around. Fantastic.)

All in all, I'm happy. And so thankful.