Sunday, August 18, 2013

fall fashion handful

After all the baby/motherhood/identity posts, I was in the mood to do something a little more lighthearted. Normally paging through September fashion magazines is one of my guilty pleasures, but due to my changing body and budget constraints it ain't as fun as it used to be. Mostly, I find that I don't care. Not that I don't still enjoy having fun with clothes or putting an outfit together, but I'm definitely planning my purchases much more carefully, aiming for just a few quality pieces over a closet crammed with trends.

So, below, a couple bright, happy items I've already added to the rotation (the retro colors of that cardigan remind me of Charley Harper - I love them!), as well as two more subtle pieces I'm pinching my pennies towards...

1. Skimmers / 2. Cardigan / 3. Poncho / 4. Ring