Thursday, June 26, 2014

everything, all at once

Seems like June just got here and we're already preparing for the Fourth of July! Actually, the Krauspe/Kiger household is preparing for two job changes (my last day is tomorrow, and Andy starts a new position full time on Tuesday), a move, a new car, our family reunion (this weekend), and the wedding of a good friend (next weekend--and I'm in it.). Holy crap, that's a lot to cram into the span of one week. In my better moments I'm able to see it all as an opportunity to practice mindfulness, calm amidst the chaos and all that. (Key word being "practice," as most of the time I feel like I can hardly breathe!)

Ah, anyway. One foot in front of the other, one day at a time. Andy and I just finished washing and packing all the flatware and utensils, and he just headed out to pick up dinner. Caleb has been asleep since six (!--pretty sure he's in a growth spurt), and OH MY GOD. It's kind of amazing. I'm thankful to finally have a few minutes to type this post, have a glass of wine, and remember that everything will settle down again eventually. Maybe one day I'll even have time to get bored ;)

Photos from school this past Monday. It was an incredible teaching day. I felt so relaxed, joyful even, and the kids were incredibly focused. They produced some incredible work, the conversations were excellent, and everything flowed. Such a gift in my last week.