Wednesday, August 6, 2014


We had an overcast morning yesterday following some intense storms during the night. Every now and then I love a grey day--there's no pressure to go outside or do much of anything. Caleb took an early nap, and I watched a show in bed while I drank my morning coffee. I can't remember the last time I stopped and just sat like that. It felt good.

Eventually the sun did come out. We ran a few errands, and Caleb played in his travel crib outside while I mowed the lawn. He went down for the night around 6:30 (!). Andy got home shortly after, so I was able to go to yoga. It was my first time back since probably May. The class was a tough one, absolutely sweltering, but it felt amazing. I didn't take any breaks, and afterwards I ponied up the cash for a month of unlimited classes. Guess I'm tired of waiting for the "right" or "perfect" conditions. I'll be going back tonight. First, though, Caleb and I are off to meet Andy at his boss's house for a pool day. No complaints here. Really, truly. I'm glad I listened to my heart and left my job. Being home is so good, for all of us. 

My in-progress office. A clean slate.

New sneaks! So incredibly comfortable.

Fruits of the Summer salad. Perfection.

And my son, cuddler of cardboard babies and self-feeding machine. 
Caleb, you are the best blessing I have ever known.