Monday, December 1, 2014

monday's cup, nos. 5 & 6

Making it a double because 

A) it is totally that kind of Monday, and

B) I forgot last week. Oops.

Ah, well, cheers, and I'll have a Red Eye. x

. . . 

"No one wants to be the person who is made fun of for caring too much about something, who treats in earnest a situation that everyone else considers absurd. Even in personal relationships, feeling too heavily invested while simultaneously understanding that the other person couldn’t be more detached is one of the most profound feelings of embarrassment we can experience. Because it isn’t simply the embarrassment of making a mistake or a poor choice, it’s a shame over the kind of human being you are and how you see the world around you. To be shamed for your sincerity is to be reminded that you are dependent on something which is not dependent on you — that you are, once again, vulnerable.” 

Chelsea Fagan    

“She also considered very seriously what she would look like in a little cottage in the middle of the forest, dressed in a melancholy gray and holding communion only with the birds and trees; a life of retirement away from the vain world; a life into which no man came.” 
AA Milne

. . .

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