Friday, January 2, 2015

the big 2-9

In honor of my last year in my twenties, I took these awkward bathroom mirror selfies. And because my word of the year is courage, I'm actually sharing them.

I generally despise having my photo taken, and I only very rarely share pictures of myself here. But I guess today I'm saying: Why not?

So that's almost-29-year-old me up there. Hair and roots both longer than ever, no makeup, in my PJs.  (Although, I actually just had my first haircut since June. I broke down and sprung for highlights, too. Blonde may no longer be my natural color, but it's still my original color. I tried to grow it out, I really did. But I felt like the uncomfortable middle school version of myself -- that's about when my hair went dark -- and I HATED middle school. Even more than getting my picture taken, which is saying something. So, for now, highlights it is!)

In those pictures up there, though? I felt happy. Caleb was fast asleep, I'd just finished cleaning the kitchen, and I caught a glimpse of my curly hair and rosy cheeks in the mirror and thought: Hey, I like that person.

It was kind of a big deal.

The older I get, the more myself I feel. Today I'm taking myself out to wander, and tonight I'm going to dinner with my husband. I'm beyond excited for both. 

I love having a fresh start to a new year, two days in a row. 29, I think we're going to be good friends.