Tuesday, August 7, 2007

gearing up and counting down

This is just a quick post to say that I haven't forgotten my promise to write about something South Africa related! Because I have indeed been preparing. On Monday morning, I went to REI with meiner mutter to pick up a few required/suggested items: sleeping bag, insect repellent, oral rehydration salts -- you know, the usual. Still haven't quite gotten my mind around actually packing. All I know is that I want to travel with as little as possible. Less stuff, less burden. As for further preparations, well...

This weekend, I was able to watch two (very different) South African films. The first, Cape of Good Hope, is a sort of romantic comedy, though there are some underlying race- and culture-related themes. I rented it figuring, 'Hey, South Africa, great,' and after I got it home realized that the entire movie was filmed in Hout Bay, where I'll be living. Definitely a plus.

I also watched the documentary Amandla!, which was so fascinating and inspiring. It examines the role of songs in the South African freedom movement, from the beginning of the apartheid era to the release of Nelson Mandela. Incredible music, incredible stories. I'd definitely recommend this film.

I've got a stack of guidebooks checked out from the library, and three more are on their way from Amazon, but all that'll have to wait 'til tomorrow. At the moment, I'm having trouble thinking of anything more than my pj's and pillow, which tells me it's time for bed. Until later, then -- good night!