Thursday, August 27, 2009

a walk in the woods (ish)

I'm up in North Dakota for the week spending time with Andy before I leave (sidenote: BAHHG! It's just a couple weeks away! AGHH!). He started classes on Tuesday, and I took advantage of the gorgeous weather/free time to hike Turtle River State Park.

The trails go through the prairie, marsh, and forest, and they are really very beautiful. My camera died before I came to a grove of young birch trees - kinda disappointing, since it was probably the most gorgeous/surreal part of the whole excursion.

Did manage to snap one of the bajillion toads hopping around, though. Seriously, they were EVERYWHERE. At one point, I basically had to hike in slow-mo and on tiptoe to avoid crushing any.
Now, I may be blurry in the above shot, but it's the background that's important. What do you notice? That's right - hills! What? You didn't see 'em? Welcome to Grand Forks, where even the slightest sign of rolling terrain becomes a big deal.

Besides twisiting my ankle when I slipped on a rock while coming down one of the aforementioned hills, I'd say it was a successful adventure. Satisfying, too - everything's better outside, especially on beautiful blue-sky days.