Saturday, September 26, 2009

happy weekend

Perfect lunch spot.

In the gardens at Schloss Charlottenburg, where I planted myself on a bench, stared at the lake, ate a sandwich made with a fresh roll from our local outdoor market, and did puzzles in my new Sudoku book.

The path leading to my aforementioned lunch spot.

Perfect card.

Turns out there's Bikram yoga studio 20 minutes from my house. Ten days for ten euros. Glorious.

Perfect present.

Lovely daisies and gourds from my lovely roommate. I bought her a giant (and I mean GIANT) hydrangea as a congrats/stay positive present in her first week of student teaching. Today I came home from yoga to find my own wonderful surprise waiting in my room.

Aren't they beautiful? Yes, yes they are.

Perfect dinner.

I finally busted into the mac'n'cheese I brought from home. And it was sooo good.

In honor of Frau Rutz :)

Yep. It was the perfect day.