Thursday, April 8, 2010

today i

-bought liquid eyeliner. (black, of course.)

-painted my nails their favorite color, which is red.

-am now the proud owner of new stockings. they are "sun" colored and - this is the best part - they have seams. i think it's in some like it hot that marilyn monroe ("sugar") says, "are my seams straight?" i am now capable of having that particular marilyn moment.

lots of much more cultured, interesting goings-on have been going on. like visiting MUSEUMS and analyzing ART and sitting in BEER GARDENS and more swimming. but stockings with seams? and black liquid liner? and red nails? ::sigh:: i am very much a girl at heart. the kind of girl with a princess-style rotary dial telephone. (it was free, i was eleven. and i have no regrets, except when it comes to touchtone banking. internet to the rescue!)

time for bed. i have a big day of puzzle-making tomorrow (more on that if i ever feel like it). and also even more swimming, and probably yoga. why, yes. yes, i do know how to live it up, thanks.