Monday, April 26, 2010

each piece in its place

I am deep into "living the questions" mode. Luckily I have some solids in my life at the moment, a few givens that make the rest a little easier when the going gets tough. Or simply too transitional.

Most (if not all) of life is that space between the trapezes, when you've let go of one but not quite grabbed onto the other. I think that sometimes you're just more aware of the net underneath, and that helps make the experience more exhilirating than terrifying.

Am I being too random? Well. I'm just thinking. Maybe it's the music (from one of my favorite movies) that I'm listening to as I write this. It puts me in such a chilled out mood. I can't wait to listen again on the train tomorrow morning. Perfect soundtrack for viewing the passing landscape as the sun comes out, which happens to be an extremely relaxing start to the morning. ::sigh:: I love a new day. I'm very Anne of Green Gables in that way.