Sunday, May 2, 2010

living it up, or: what goes down must come up - the sequel

What is WITH me and food poisoning?! I've spent the past two days running between the toilet and my bed, in a state of dizzy exhaustion. Me thinks Thursday night's Mongolian buffet may not have been the brightest idea. (Yet I'm the only one in our group that was sick. So either it wasn't the Mongolian, even though that all came up pretty swiftly, or it was the tofu, as I do believe I'm the only one that enjoyed that particular offering. Either way, UGH.)

I was initially struck down Friday morning around 5am but still managed to get myself up and partially dressed for work. As I was getting ready to put on my sweater and coat, "the wave" hit again, and I knew there was no way I'd be going anywhere. It took me another hour just to get out of my work clothes and back into my pajamas, one step at a time with considerable breaks in between.

Along about 3pm, after sleeping/barfing most of the day away, I convinced myself it was time to pick up some Sprite at the market down the street. As the store is literally a one minute walk from my apartment, I thought I could handle it.

An hour-and-a-half later, I'd finally managed to get some clothes on and head out the door. I made it as far as paying for the Sprite before passing out in my own vomit on the floor between the checkout lane and entryway. Classic, I know.


I'm feeling MUCH better now, but the whole incident was scary enough to make my decision to leave Berlin come summer a lot easier. (Yup, never thought I'd EVER turn down a job offer abroad, but I did. I'm nuts. Still, something tells me it was the right decision. And not just the fact that in the States, I'd have more people to call that might come and rescue me from the contents of my stomach.)