Tuesday, November 8, 2011

change of plans

So, that hike I was supposed to go on? Cancelled. Why? Take a look outside:

That's right, folks, there were CLOUDS in Abu Dhabi. That NEVER happens! Fog, yes, but this was the first time I've seen actual cloud cover. Obviously, this alone wasn't reason enough to call off the hike, but we were meant to go hiking in Oman, where the forecast called for rain. Not so fun, or particularly safe. (Have you seen the flooding there recently? Crazy.)

Andy and I did a border run instead. He needed to renew his visa, and I still got to catch a glimpse of the mountains.

We're hoping to reschedule a camping trip for the end of the month. With the exception of the past few days, the weather here has been sunny, cool, and perfect. Can't wait to finally get out there and explore.