Monday, August 6, 2012


Leaving Budhanilkantha, Nepal, after a blessing from our hosts.

Back in my old room in Chicago after a whirlwind of summer-so-far. Lots of welcome changes ahead . . . but more on that another day. For now I just wanted to stop in on this space, make sure it knows I haven't forgotten. I've started sorting and packing yet again, all the remnants of my past lives, now sprawled around me in various bins and boxes and tipping over piles. It always feels like such an impossible task, deciding what to keep and where to put it.

I am sentimental.

I like mementos.

I like the story, mystery, and beauty of objects.

Flipping through an old notepad, I found the usual to-do lists. But then, tucked in between the pages of class assignments and grocery lists, there was this:

i am just very human
listening for bells
and looking for light
as i wander my way
through this world.

Five years later, and that still sounds just about right.