Sunday, February 10, 2013

weekend bits & pieces

Or really just Saturday. Because Sunday mostly consisted of doing laundry in between episodes of Touch on Netflix and Rehab Addict on the DVR. Also eating a full sleeve of crackers. (Though, to be fair, that was after scrubbing down the entire tub/bathroom with baking soda, bleach, and a toothbrush, so, you know. I earned it. Also I had to take three breaks because I accidentally dumped out way too much bleach and the fumes were burning my eyes. This is why I generally stick to all-natural cleaning, but ANYWAY. Where were we? Ah, yes: SATURDAY.) Here goes . . .

From top to bottom: Girly morning coffee | Quote from this awesome podcast, still on my mind | Gifts for giving and cards for mailing | The beginnings of spring on top of our china cabinet | Jam-packed To Do list | Negotiating music selections | "I'm gonna be, like, so fashionable" | Preparing to make tacos | Getting schooled in the right way to eat a tortilla

Yep. It was another good one. x