Sunday, September 22, 2013


Hanging out in our in-progress nursery, contemplating it all. So far it's just an area rug and bookshelf (full of, yes, mostly my books...but hopefully someday our son will read and appreciate them!). I had to take all the books down to move the shelf so the rug would fit, and of course I decided to sort and dust them all while I was at it. My dad is on his way over with the crib now, wahoo! I'm so excited to keep this nesting party going. Love an empty room and fresh start. (OK, it's only empty because I moved the entire contents to the living room for sorting, but nevermind. I shall continue relaxing in here, pretending minimalism and cleanliness is my life.)

The bump continues to expand nicely. This is from a couple days ago; I'm nearly 35 weeks along! Strange to think that in a maximum of seven weeks we'll have a new little human in our lives. Crazy amazing! Maybe I'll be forced to eat my words, but so far becoming a mama feels like I'm becoming myself.

The cats are troopers amidst all this chaos. I wish I could perfect the art of the chill-out, cat-style. This was Abby a few weeks ago, right before we disassembled the dining table for storage. Since my former art space is now our nursery, we decided to move my desk into the living room and store the dining table and chairs. While we love the idea of family meals around the table, it's one of those things that will have to wait a year or two. It's been good for me to go through all my craft stuff, too, as we move it into more communal space or storage. I've been loving getting rid of things lately, trading my usual clinging sentimentality for the freedom of the goodwill pile. Is that part of nesting? I don't know, but in any case, I suppose it's time to get back to it.