Thursday, November 14, 2013

two days before delivery

On Sunday, November 3, my mom took me to the hospital to be checked by the midwife on call. I thought my water might've broken in the middle of the night. (Nope. Turns out I wet the bed - first instance of incontinence for the entire pregnancy, and the only one I can remember in my entire life! Glamorous, ain't it?) 

An hour of fetal monitoring and an internal exam showed all was well. The midwife decided to send me for an ultrasound anyway, just to make extra sure baby was OK in there as I approached 41 weeks. Once again, everything pointed to him being safe, healthy, and satisfied. My mom and I went for a celebratory breakfast, and I was finally able to really relax, knowing our guy would come when he was ready. In the meantime he was more than fine.

After breakfast, my mom dropped me off at one of my favorite places on Earth, and Andy left work early to come meet me. It was amazing to just walk and talk together, knowing we were in the last days of our twosome status. While I can't say all of pregnancy has been as glowing and serene as the photo above (taken by Andy as the sun was starting to set), in that moment I truly was at peace. Ready to meet our son, yes, but finally content in the waiting place.

He was born two days later, and it was the best, most transformative and miraculous experience of my life. More on that to come, eventually... x