Sunday, July 3, 2011

feeling most myself

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Andy and I went for a hike around the Arboretum today, and I could feel the stress melting from my shoulders as we walked. The temperature was perfect (as was the company), and I found lots of "treasure" along the way (in my world, this means half a robin's egg shell, pinecones, and wildflowers). I somehow felt more like myself than I have in a very long while, at ease in my own skin. I'd forgotten what that was like - happy to be where I was, as I was.

Lately I've been wearing lots of what I call "tomboy clothes": easy pieces that don't pinch or cinch or limit me. Maybe I'm reacting to all the dressing up that came with the wedding (always including proper "foundations," mind you). Maybe summer just calls for something a little more laid back. Really, I want to go exploring, to remember what it feels like to imagine I am Harriet. I want the confidence, innocence, and curiosity that comes with it.

Today was no different. I wore a loose striped tee, my favorite pair of slouchy pants, and perfectly broken-in sneakers.

The outfit reminded me in some ways of a photo I'd seen awhile back, of a ten-year-old Caroline Kennedy reading on her summer vacation in Greece:

Found here, after first seeing it here

Which then brought me back to this photo:

Andy took it during our trip to Istanbul last April. (Actually, the moment captured here stands out as another time where I felt "most myself." But reading - in my favorite comfortable clothes, with a cool breeze and faint city sounds floating through the window - often helps me "settle in" like that. Perhaps the reason for my theme this summer?)

I'm not really sure where I was going with all this - just musing, reflecting. And so on.

Until next time, then. Cheers. (And there will be a next time - I have an updated reading list, plus photos of our living space in Grand Forks, to share soon.)