Saturday, July 23, 2011

oh, how they grow! and introducing...

Remember how I said my Summer Reading List was prone to change? Well, good thing, because almost immediately after posting it (and delving into approximately three of those books), I added five more titles. What can I say? Kid:Candy Store, Emy:Books. 

If that lollypop were a book, we'd be on the same wavelength. 
Although replacing it with chocolate might have the same effect.

Andy also gave me an iPad for our wedding (amazing!), so of course I was obligated to finally check out the whole e-book revolution. (Conclusion: Accessibility is a major plus, but I'm still so in love with the sensory apects of reading an actual book - the texture and smell of pages, the weight shifting in my hands - that it's hard to settle for a less dimensional reading experience. Not to mention the the gloriousness of real-life, physical bookstores, may they rest in peace.)

Luckily I chose a winner for my first e-book: Tina Fey's Bossypants. Purchased in a matter of seconds, read in a day.

My digital library also now includes the following:

Read it in three days. I know, I'm a couple years late. 
It was still fascinating.

In the middle of this one as we speak. 

Saving this for the plane ride. Maybe. I think.

While I was back in Chicago, a friend also loaned me this:

It's satisfying to have a summer goal I can actually accomplish. 

After finishing Fey's book, though, I realized I wanted to do more than just share the titles/covers of what I'm reading for once. And so the idea for my first-ever blog series was born: The Book Report.

It is as it sounds: When I finish one of the books on my list, I'll do a mini-review with rating. Simple. (Funny how something I hated doing in school becomes pleasurable when there's no longer a grade attached.) Hope you'll check back soon!