Monday, July 25, 2011

Title: Bossypants
Author: Tina Fey
Publishing Info: Regan Arthur Books / Little Brown and Company, 2011 (ebook edition)

I laughed: Especially hard at the part featuring all things Modess (a highlight of Fey's, ahem, "transition" into womanhood).
Her descriptions of summer theatre camp and the resulting shenanigans with the myriad of misfit friends she makes there also had me going.

I cried: Mostly from laughing so hard. However, at one point the teenage Fey confronts a strange truth about how she views others and the world that gave me a knot in my stomach (page 32).

I took notes: On Fey's discussion of more serious fodder, such as women in comedy (I loved her description of Amy Poehler putting a fellow SNL cast member in his place for a sexist remark, page 94) and women at work in general.

Recommendation: Couldn't put it down. Plus the ebook version features Fey reading a chapter from her book, full of behind-the-scenes info about life at NBC and Fey's hit show, 30 Rock. This one's a