Friday, April 6, 2012

our first kiss

. . . as husband and wife.

This post at Cup of Jo, along with writing about my wedding rings last week, had me combing through photos, thinking about our kiss.

Needless to say, we solidly went for it. I love how happy and satisfied we look. 

(Although, funny story, we almost kissed at the beginning of the ceremony! I entered on the staircase you see in the background. When I reached the bottom, Andy and I -- not having had a sneak peek or anything -- immediately grasped hands and leaned in towards each other . . . until I realized what was happening and blurted, "YOU CAN'T KISS ME YET!" Ah, yes, ever-capable of getting the awkward ball rolling, even on my wedding day. We always said we wanted it to be full of laughter, though; in that sense it set the perfect tone :) )