Wednesday, April 4, 2012

tied up with string: goes where i go

Deep down I know that stuff can't describe who we are, but for me, the items below come pretty darn close. To conclude this series, I've gathered together a few of the things you might find in my (metaphorical) tool box; each provides me with a special kind of sustenance. Meet my . . .

1| Notebooks, notepads, sketchbooks, and journals. I have at least three variations with me at pretty much all times, and I inevitably end up stockpiling many more than that. Somewhere in storage there's a giant Rubbermaid bin filled with all the notebooks from my growing up years; it's a habit I've never broken. I gravitate towards all sorts and am frequently adding new ones to my collection, but Field Notes have been my standard issue for the past few years. They're my version of index cards in the back pocket. The ever-honorable Moleskin can often be found floating around my bag as well.

2| Pens and pencils. A handful of my favorites are, once again, with me at all times. They are: Varsity Fountain Pens, Stabilo Point 88 Fineliner (usually in Turquoise), and Pilot Precise V5 (Extra Fine). More recently I've been digging the neon mechanical pencils from Paperchase.

3| Candles. Wherever I am in the world, you can bet I'm lighting plenty of tealights when the sun goes down, along with a good scented candle.  Lately we've been loving Sacristy from True Grace Candles (we bought ours locally at The One). It smells like home to me.

4| Bone folder, X-Acto knife, and decorative papers. These are my most-used art supplies and some of my favorite possessions. Whether I'm packing for a big move or a week-long getaway, they remain close at hand. When I lived in Berlin, Modular was my favorite place to buy paper. Sometimes I dream of going back to the city for a day, just to shop there again.

5| Diana Mini Lomography Camera. Since buying her on impulse last year, Diana has tagged along on all sorts of adventures. She doesn't take herself too seriously, and I have a great time seeing what she can do.

6| Travel coffee mug. It's no secret that I love coffee, and I bring an embarrassingly large tumbler with me to work each day. (Once a student drew a picture of me with what looked like a giant oven mitt on my right hand. When I asked her about it she simply said, "Coffee.")

7| iPad. Andy gave me one as a wedding present, and I use it so much I wouldn't even know where to begin. As an expat, I especially love having instant access to magazines and the occasional TV show whenever I need a little taste of home.

And of course, let's not forget . . .

iPad or not, my heart belongs to the real thing. But you already knew that, right? ;)

Bottom photo from Kate Spade, via Note To Sarah.