Monday, June 11, 2012

and then there were two

That's right, this former cat hater (or at least "strong disliker") is basically a convert now! At least, I love our cats. Of which we now have two.

Lulu was a stray that wandered into the play area outside my classroom last week. (The kids actually gave her the name.) Yesterday when I got to work, something was clearly wrong -- poor Lulu could hardly stand up and just wasn't her usual joyous self. We already had a vet appointment scheduled for Abbey, so of course (sentimental, over-sensitive being that I am), I brought Lulu home and took her along to see the doc. Good thing, too, as she had a fever and was severely dehydrated. After lots of cuddling and kneading and some antibiotics, she's already doing much better. 

As my mom said, "It's a good thing Andy loves you."

It's true, because let's face it: Lulu's not going anywhere now :)