Wednesday, June 12, 2013

life lately

Belly Shot (Goodbye, toes!), 20 weeks

SO MUCH GOOD STUFF! I might as well just start listing.

1) I took over as lead in my classroom a couple weeks ago, and dang, it feels good! These last few days we've been doing tons of shared inquiry activities, which seems to float all our boats. Love love LOVE my job.

2) We got an air conditioner!!!!!! (Yep, after a bajillion back-to-back sweaty, sleepless nights, sharing that merits way more exclamation marks than I would normally feel comfortable using.)

3) Our last bits of furniture in Abu Dhabi were finally SOLD by friends of ours (it was a process), so we got a nice chunk of change just in time, since . . .

4) Our second trimester ultrasound is tomorrow morning! Because I'm having a natural birth using midwives and my pregnancy thus far has been healthy, it will also be my first-ever ultrasound. Cross your fingers they'll be able to figure out the gender, because we REALLLLLY want to know!

5) I just ordered a STACK of awesome children's book (for my classroom . . . for now), as well as a full-body pregnancy pillow. Here's to an even more improved night of sleep, glorious sleep! Feels like I should take full advantage while I still have the option, ya know?

6) One of my closest friends from Germany is arriving tomorrow night! She's never been to Chicago before, and I can't wait to show her around. (She's never even met Andy, so that gives you an idea of just how much there is to accomplish in the next few days!) I'm excited.

Life is moving pretty fast and lining up in some miraculously unexpected ways. The world feels so good again. x