Monday, March 19, 2012

just shrug your shoulders & say OK

Or better yet, inshallah.

Just checking in briefly to say hey. This print caught my eye today, and I'm thinking I may need to own it. It'd be really cute in a modern nursery, no? Not necessarily for my kids, just . . . in general! Plus, it's true: I do love my family :)

Busy with end-of-the-semester assessments at work this week, which means reports to finish and portfolios to assemble and last-minute school bazaars/fun fairs scheduled midweek. (By "last minute," I mean they called a meeting today, where we planned for a two-hour event that's supposed to take place Wednesday. During assessments. The last week before break.) Oh yeah, and the UAE celebrates Mother's Day on March 21st, so we'll also need to squeeze in a take-home craft/gift somewhere in there. Most likely we'll make ours the morning of the fun fair, which happens to be the 21st. We could do it tomorrow, but I've been scheduled to go on an observational visit to another school in the city. (This is where I remind myself to smile, breathe, and repeat "REMEMBER WHERE YOU LIVE" to myself over and over again. Actually, a small part of me thrives on the busy and loves to laugh at the chaos. Mostly.)

Speaking of school, I just started a little classroom blog, should you be interested in that sort of thing. Some of it is parent-directed, but there are pictures of our classroom and what we've been up to. And if you're craving info on Abu Dhabi life, I've started adding bits and pieces about "our new home" here. (Thus concludes the back-and-forth linkup portion of the evening. I swear, I'm not self-promoting so much as scattered!)

Enjoy your week, folks! x