Wednesday, March 21, 2012

putting my feet up

At the Bonnington Jumeirah Lakes, Dubai, February 2012

It's break time, folks! Two weeks of sleeping in and resting up before heading back to work for our final trimester. I am in serious need of this recovery time, although truth be told, the unit we launch into when we get back is the one I've been most looking forward to all year. It's called "Let's See What Happens" and will be non-stop exploratory goodness -- colors and liquids and magnets, oh my! (Put that in the "You Know You're a Teacher When . . ." category.) 

Apart from heading back to Oman with friends for a few days, we've decided to stick around Abu Dhabi and finally see some of the major local sights. I'm looking forward to plenty of sleep, long days by the pool, and actually finishing a few of the many books piled up next to the bed!