Wednesday, February 17, 2010

bikram for the blog

Yep, it's been over two months since I've posted. Apparently that's how I operate as far as the blog is concerned. Go somewhere, post every week or so, then quit entirely until the muse strikes again or I travel somewhere else.

As it happens, I don't really care for that system. So I've decided to issue myself a blogging challenge: 30 posts in 30 days. That means a post a day for (you guessed it) 30 consecutive days. That's the only ground rule; what I post is entirely up to me.

This idea stems, of course, from the infamous Bikram Yoga Challenge. Seeing as I've successfully completed two of those in the past year, I figure I should be able to handle a little "Bikram for the blog."

Also, I've had several people tell me they've missed reading my blog. Since a few of those people are not even related to me, I started to think that I may have a good thing going here. Why not devote a bit more energy to it, at least for a little while? (Plus, I'm giving up T.V. for Lent, so I anticipate having some extra time on my hands.)

We'll see what my messy mind has to offer. I make no promises, other than it will be something. Every day. For thirty days. So, uh...Bon voyage! I guess. And, uh...enjoy the ride! Yeah, that. Etc, etc....CHEERS!

[Introduction down, 30 days to go....]