Thursday, February 25, 2010

the guy from office space has it wrong


  • Went to yoga.
  • Made five bucks shoveling snow.
  • Currently have twelve whole dollars to my name.
  • Researched teaching positions abroad.
  • Am extremely tempted to apply for a job at a school in the Marshall Islands.
  • Decided to pretend I am an infant that must care for itself, i.e., decided to live in the moment (even if that moment involves ridiculous amounts of waiting, and all I can think much of the time is, ENOUGH ALREADY!).
  • Ate spaghetti for lunch even though I usually don't like spaghetti.
  • Thought about how other people are likely having a much more interesting day because they probably have purposes that somehow contribute to society.
  • Once again do not feel like writing on this blog.
My apologies.

Tomorrow will be better. Not that today was bad (well, ok, today's POST pretty much bites). But still - tomorrow? It'll be better, I just know it.

[8/30 complete]