Saturday, February 27, 2010

dirty little secret

Most people don't have any idea I write a blog. And I don't mean in general, like '"people of the world," but people that know me personally, i.e., friends. I always feel kind of dumb saying I have a blog, unless the situation somehow merits it. Maybe that's why I used to only write in times of travel. Giving out a blog link is a whole lot easier than sending mass-emails (the way I did back in 2004, when I first lived in Germany. Although, at that time, I was also cell-phone free and using dial-up. Which isn't necessarily an accurate reflection of the times, as I am kind of an old person at heart. But still, the world has certainly changed. I mean, I remember facebook also came out around that time and I simply could not comprehend the point of it....Speaking of points, it's about time I got back to mine, eh? Oy.) 

Even more of a secret than the fact that I have a blog? [And it's a big deal for me to admit this, since doing so makes me feel almost as dumb as saying I'm now on Twitter (which I vow to never be, because sorry, but really? REALLY?!), but here goes...]

I read blogs. A lot of them. Regularly. As in, Hi, my name is Emy, and I'm a blogoholic. (How's that for Twitter-worthy lameness?) 

You may remember when I started this project I mentioned something about giving up T.V. for Lent. Well, I changed my mind shortly thereafter. Instead, I gave up reading fashion blogs. The Sartorialist, Style Rookie, Garance Dore....I can't even give you the links because if I go hunt these babies down, I will DEFINITELY start reading. So Google away, my dears!

However, it's not just fashion that gets me all hot and bothered. I also have a strong affinity for the crafting/art/home/lifestyle genre of the blogosphere. (Yes, I am a domestic at heart. It's fine, whatever. Leave me alone.) Here, a few of my never-before-shared (by me, anyway) favorites. Mind you, I'm sharing out of love and admiration, not to promote anyone or anything. Besides, trust me, there's no way I, with my readership of two, would be of any use. Nor do these ladies need it, as they are the types that get book deals from blogging and upwards of a hundred comments per post. For reals. So, without further drooling on my part, the rundown:

Posy Gets Cozy - The wonderful, whimsical world of Alicia Paulsen, a native of good ol' River Forest, Illinois, and an Augustana grad, now located in Portland, Oregon. She has loads of links to other blogs, and I like to play a game where I randomly click on one and see if it's worthwhile. Alicia also happens to be the master of cozy.

Hygge House - "Alex the Girl" doesn't post all that often, but man, am I inspired when she does. The gorgeous photos combined with an in-depth, stylish, and thoughtful approach to life and living it well have made this a regular read.

Treefall - Manda is like my version of a celebrity: I feel like I know her. I've been reading about her life in the UK for so long that I've witnessed her oldest growing up and her youngest being born! Thinking about it now, I also feel like a total creeper. But hey - she shares, and I read.

Abby Try Again - The poetic beauty of the everyday is how I'd describe the content of Abby's beautiful, unique blog. Artful, soulful, and real.

I also find myself frequenting Decor8 and little brown pen, among numerous others. (I didn't actually realize how numerous until I began trying to list them all here. But the daily reads are up, so I'm satisfied.)

So there you have it. In addition to being old, I am also a huge dork with hope-chest-wielding tendencies.

At least I don't use Twitter.

[10/30 complete - woohoo! third of the way there....]