Saturday, January 21, 2012

strong and tender

What I will remind myself to be tomorrow. Also, forgiving. Especially of myself.

I'm kinda dreading work tomorrow, folks. Like really, completely feel sick about it. 

So I'm reading this book with the kids simply because I think it will be fun. I'm trying to avoid over-planning in order to focus on being in the moment, meeting the children where they're at in any given instant. We enjoy each other so much more that way. They seem to learn more somehow, too. We'll also be making cloud dough together and I'll introduce our new letter writing station (complete with cardboard mailbox, though nowhere near as cool as this one). 

I just hope the adults don't get in the way. Adults love to interrupt our play and make me do paperwork/tell me what I'm not doing right. 

I suppose I'm an adult (even if I don't feel that way). But I'm also kind of weird, and a little outside the box, and, in certain instances, pretty damn good at what I do. And this, too, shall pass, whatever "this" is.

Cross your fingers for me though, won't you?