Thursday, January 19, 2012

week's end

I once had an education professor that would always say, "Ask yourself, am I an energy drainer, or a community contributor [when it comes to this workplace]?" As a classic gold-star-seeking individual, I made it my mission to ensure I was the latter. Which makes me feel a little guilty writing this, but . . . OH, THANK GOD THIS WEEK IS OVER! It was most definitely a doozy. Reminding myself that life is sometimes like that, and that it's OK to be human, makes gold stars seem less important.

I'm losing my voice (yep, sick again! In a few weeks it'll be bye-bye, tonsils!), so my weekend plans are essentially to keep cozy and do nothing (nothing major, anyway). So far I've spent the afternoon knitting some i-cord while watching Arrested Development episodes one after the other and drinking hot tea with honey by the bucketful. And you know what? I happen to be enjoying every second of it.

Have a relaxing weekend, folks!

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