Wednesday, April 9, 2014

al fresco

We’ll dine . . .
. . . on the balcony, seated at this cheerful table, which folds up for easy storage. Mostly likely we'll have homemade pizza and a simple mache salad and drink our latest wallet-friendly favorite, refilling our glasses 'til the bottle is gone. Or maybe we'll sip my favorite summer sparkler right from the can. We'll use our dishes from Poland and casual flatware.

I’ll wear . . .
. . . this easy dress and some simple sandals, plus a ring featuring a trio of elephants, since for some reason they've been on my mind. We'll set a vase of fresh peonies on the table and pipe Anita through the window to set the mood.

Sunny days are here again, and I can't help but dream . . . just like last year ;)