Monday, March 22, 2010

feed a cold

...with lots of fat, apparently.

On Sunday night, I had bread smeared with the creamiest butter you've ever tasted, which also had toasted nuts mixed in, topped with avocado and camembert. It was so incredibly delicious, every single bite. Seriously, that butter? I could eat with a spoon.

In the photo you can also see my new tray from Ikea. It was a "Sunday shopping day," so I took advantage by buying all the household items I'd basically been living without until now (towels, bedding, decorative trays....). More to come on that, maybe. If I feel like taking pictures. In any case, my apartment feels about a thousand times cozier (I almost wrote "cosier," ugh!).

[30/30 endlich complete! Not in 30 days exactly, but close enough. Cheers!]