Monday, March 15, 2010

total begeistert

Do they have "internet sticks" in the States? Because I'd never heard of such a thing before, but now I have this fabulous USB drive that allows me to access the internet wherever I am, like a cell phone. And it costs the same as wireless. I'm seriously in love. Why don't we have these?

FINALLY got all my paperwork sorted this morning. It was fairly miserable. Lots of closed doors and hallways that don't seem to lead anywhere, in the middle of industrial nowheresville (aka, remote Westhafen). You had to wait in line to get a number in order to (what else?) wait in another line. Picture a dying jade plant atop rows and rows of tattered orange file folders, and you'll get a sense of the place's cheer.

When I went to pay for my visa (after they found it, that is - only took three tries and a couple phone calls), there was a man in front of me who didn't know where to go. He asked the girl behind the counter if she could help him. She said no, of course, so he asked if she knew who could help him, or at least who he could ask. Again, no. That was it. Welcome to Germany, where if you can figure out how to hoop-jump on your own, you may be worth keeping. Oy.

Moved a few things over to my apartment this evening but am going to spend one more night in my current accomodations before making the big switch. After a day of running around I just couldn't get my brain around hauling two suitcases up to the fourth floor. My shoulders protested, too.

Pictures of the place to come. (Took one I was planning on posting here tonight, but stupidly left my camera behind). It's my first proper day of work tomorrow so wish me luck! Can't wait to be with the little ones again.

[25/30 complete]