Sunday, March 7, 2010

a night with oscar

I've had one every year since I was a little girl, and it still feels so magical. I really liked the style of this year's show - Old Hollywood with a modern edge.

Here, my two favorites from the red carpet (the dresses, I mean, not necessarily the people in them):

I really love the Oscars. It's like the little girl inside me is activated, the one who, wide-eyed and spitty-thumbed, would stare at the screen thinking, That could be me. For a few hours, the dream just feels so possible again.

While it's doubtful I'll ever be in a movie, let alone win an Oscar, I certainly don't want to let that little girl down. (And so we're back to the somewhat existential questions from yesterday.) Maybe it's OK to let go of the Oscar dream without losing the sense of possibility. I'd say the latter is the important part anyway.

(Somewhat off-topic sidenote for all who watched: Was it just me, or did Meryl Streep seem a little loopy? Drunk or drugged or...SOMETHING. Weird.)

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