Wednesday, March 17, 2010

that kind of day

This book = my life. OK, not really. But sort of. A little.

Totally exhausted. My forearms ache like none other from carrying everything yesterday - it even hurts to lift my fork to my mouth! Not that that stopped me from shoveling down an extremely generous helping of mac-n-cheese for dinner. It was definitely a comfort food kind of day. Plus I've lost my wallet, so I couldn't buy anything else even if I wanted to, and the only other thing I have on hand at the moment is uncooked aduki beans. (It was NOT an aduki bean kind of day by any stretch.) In addition, I downloaded a bunch of shows off iTunes and painted my nails while I watched them. (Thanks for the gift card, Andy. You know me well.) So much comfort, on so many levels.

Tomorrow I plan to wear my giant flower ring and a bright pink shirt. Because I need a dose of spring and a little cheering up. It's supposed to be in the 50's (14 degrees Celsius, definitely had to use an online converter), so maybe I'll even be able to don my trench (complete with cover buttons I made using vintage fabric) instead of my tired wool coat. Fingers crossed that a) the sun comes out, and b) I find my wallet in the staff room tomorrow.

[27/30 complete]