Thursday, March 11, 2010

i never thought i'd say this, but...

...I'm updating my blog from a Starbucks via my iPod. Crazy, I know. But there's free wireless and I needed one BIG cup of coffee to help me recover from both jet lag and a heaping portion of bureaucracy. It's been a long day so I won't go crazy with the details. It's kinda weird to be the unwanted foreigner no one could care less about, ha. At least I have a little German at my disposal; otherwise I'm sure the surly people I interacted with today would be positively wretched. 

In other news, I move into my apartment on Monday. Huzzah! Well, hopefully I'll have time to move somewhere in between revisiting all the offices and agencies I had the pleasure of spending time at today. Because those folks know how to have a good time! And they all just loved me so much, they want me to come back. Huzz...uh-uh.

Tomorrow shall be glorious, however, as I'm free to sleep as long as I please, then plan to eventually make my way back to the free wi-fi. Hopefully I'll finally have a more solid (less boring) post then, too.

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SOME GERMAN WORDS WE ALSO USE IN ENGLISH (because the Germans are always throwing around "coole Englische Woerter"):


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