Wednesday, December 7, 2011

all i want for christmas

Funny thing about this time of year, people are prone to asking you what you want. Which for me is basically an open invitation into Alice's tunnel (albeit a rather analytical version): What do I want? What does it mean to want? How can I answer this question in a way that makes us both happy? WHY AM I THINKING LIKE THIS?! Quick, OK, just give an answer. Default! No, yes, fine, default, DEFAULT! "World peace?" Oi, you should be more clever next time. . . . and so on.

When it comes to Christmas this year, I've at least managed to establish that what I want most is to be home. And while I do want to pick up some actual stuff while I'm there (hellllooooo, art supplies!), what I'm really looking forward to are experiences. I want to be surrounded by family, drink good wine with good friends, drive around snowy streets looking at twinkle lights, hear holiday music coming out of every public speaker, sip cocoa while making gingerbread houses and peppermint bark, bundle up to visit Navy Pier and the Christkindlmarket . . . . In other words, I want CHRISTMAS. Full-on, true-to-form holiday magic. (Got that, Santa?)

I know, I know: Touching, but anything else? Like, what do you WANT??? 

To help provide a more standard answer to this question, I've gathered together a few of my more recent cravings.

1| A cozy pair of slippers (as mentioned previously) to keep my feet comfy on our tile floors.
2| Diane Keaton's recent memoir, topping my must-read list as of late (in addition to these).
3| This Curling Ribbon ring, because I love a good dose of (tastefully) festive.

Annnnnd . . . That's all I got, folks. (Maybe not so helpful after all!)

Honestly, I tried to make it three times this long, but nothing seemed to stick. I kept adding items, then thinking, But I don't REALLY CARE if I get this or not. So I went with what you see: A few things I'd really, truly love to have and enjoy, and nothing more.

What do YOU want this year? (No pressure or anything.)

PS - Don't worry, Mom, I still love Field Notes! And you :)