Friday, December 16, 2011

it's here! it's here! it's finally here!

...and I am not even close to ready.

Yeah, that'd be the extent of my packing thus far. (Plus one face I'll miss the very most. My stomach hurts just thinking about it!) So far I've managed to sort my jewelry and pile all the clothes I want to bring on top of the bed. Well, except for items sitting in the mountain of laundry in the hallway -- I'm on my fifth load of the day and am still not done. Fingers crossed everything''ll be dry by tomorrow morning!

I'm bummed about my lack of posting these past few days. I had such a good streak there, too, for a little while! But work has been insane -- grades, meetings, lesson observations, pre-break shenanigans....Though I'll also say that I managed to do some of my very best teaching these past couple weeks. I had several days where I felt like I'd finally found my true footing, was doing the very best job I could, and couldn't have been more madly in love with the students. I planned some of the most successful lessons and activities we've done to date. And it felt so good. Like, oh, hey, maybe I'm a decent teacher after all. Of course, throwing myself so completely into my job left me with little energy left for anything else. Clearly, I'm still trying to recoup some of my drive, thus the fact that I'm sitting here in my bathrobe at 5:36 pm, writing a blog post and surfing the internet, surrounded by piles of unpacked clothing.

I'm anxious to get back into regular updates over the holidays. Recently I've felt like I'm finding my voice a bit more on this here blog, and I'm truly enjoying this little side project of mine. It's fun to see what, slowly slowly, is emerging, and I'm excited to stick with the journey.

Until next time, folks (when I plan to do as promised, and share more holiday movie picks).