Friday, December 2, 2011

happy birthday, little brother

You're 22 today! While I don't doubt your newly scholarly self would normally spend his birthday studying, you lucked out this year and got a Friday. I hope you take advantage of this gift from the universe and CELEBRATE. And I mean really.

Wish I had pictures of us as kids to post, but since those are in bins and boxes at Mom and Dad's, I suppose this will have to do:

(You're welcome.) 

Looking forward to seeing you at Christmas in a few weeks; in the meantime, I put together a sort of would-if-I-could birthday present -- a few things that made me think of you. Enjoy!

1| A t-shirt that reminded me of your rock collections.
2| The chemist's coffee pot.
3| Special edition notebooks (plus temporary tats) for your bright ideas/hustling self.

Love you, brother!