Monday, December 12, 2011

cheers to el gordo

Hey, Dad! Yesterday was your birthday, but when I called to say, "Happy birthday, old man! Man, are you old!" you were at the gym. Good for you -- give that aging process the one-two punch and make sure you can keep up with your grandkids (hypothetically speaking, of course). 

Since I wasn't able to wish you well semi-in-person, I made good by scouting some potential presents for you online. I hope you like them!

1| Daptone Gold album for your listening pleasure.
2| Stress relieving zen ball to keep on your desk at work (just don't throw it at anybody).
3| Classic picks, because sometimes it's about the essentials.
4| A bicycle wine rack to support two of your favorite pastimes at once.
5| Spinal tape, because sometimes it's about the not-so-essentials.

Love you, Dad! See you in a few days :)