Friday, December 9, 2011

summer love

Pictures shot (with somewhat hesitant and fumbling hands) on a Diana Mini. I bought her before our trip to Istanbul last April. Somehow all the film from that excursion ended up in storage, but the other day I discovered a wayward roll from last summer hiding in my suitcase here in AD. Apart from the as-of-yet unseen photos I took in Turkey, these are my first-ever Diana photos -- of hometown strolls, our first shared apartment, road trips, and swimming pools.

It's weird, summer seems like so long ago, as so much has obviously happened since. On the other hand, living in a desert climate is like being in perpetual summer. It's cooled down a bit, yes, but there isn't the same shifting of seasons to mark the passage of time. "Now" doesn't seem so different from "then," at least not on the surface.

OK, interlude over. Back to the snow-covered, holiday-themed posts that suit my heart this time of year, if not my immediate environment.