Tuesday, May 8, 2012

another (non-cupcake) dream

This week my lesson blocks keep getting interrupted by specials teachers shifting their own schedules around (so they can be done teaching by 9:45, but whatever). As a result we haven't finished any of what I prepared for the week. So what do I do? That's right, complain a bunch. Turn those lemons into bitter, bitter lemonade.

Just kidding! More like, shrug my shoulders, sigh a little bit, and decide we should make a communal mural, since it can be worked on a little bit at a time all week long.

While the kids were at Library on Monday, I taped up a bunch of butcher paper, then set out paint with all sorts of recyclables for print-making (cardboard tubes, egg cartons, that sort of thing). Our current theme is "Under the Sea," so the idea was that they'd be making the bubble-filled backdrop for all the creatures we'd been constructing the week before.

Some children worked on additional animals to add to the scene. Like these cardboard squid (squids? Squid. Squid?):

It's got me thinking . . . communal murals are where it's at! It's been so much fun watching and helping these little humans create something awesome each day, and I love that every element of our mural is kid-made. 

Dream job. Truly.