Saturday, May 5, 2012

it may seem like nothing, but . . .

I really like the view as you approach our bedroom. The angles and juxtaposition of objects, the mid-century-yet-modern vibe -- it settles me. 

We'll be bringing the green lamp back to the States with us (you can't really tell here, but the cord is also bright green, and it's partially coiled inside a clear glass base), though the hanging light will obviously have to stay. The print on the wall was a wedding gift from the German family I lived with when I first moved abroad at 18. 

It's by German artist Andreas Felger and belonged to my host mother's sister, who passed away a few years ago. (Felger even wrote a lengthy inscription to her on the back, which I find very cool.)

Anyway, guess I just wanted to share a slice of the everyday, simple stuff that reminds me to stop, breathe, and say thanks.