Monday, May 14, 2012

new wallet (ish)

Two weeks ago, I threw up in my handbag. Long story, but the point I'd like to make here is, I'm now in need of a new wallet. (I have other handbags. But there was only the one wallet.)

Luckily, I ordered the pouch above about a month ago as a (tongue-in-cheek) reward to myself for running regularly. (It was on clearance at the time and has since sold out, but the tote bag version is still available.) Unfortunately, it's currently sitting in the States, waiting for the day when it will prove its worth as a catchall for my consumer essentials. (Erm, actually I don't know if old receipts into which one has spit her gum qualify as "essentials," but you get the idea.)

In the meantime, I shall rock my plastic baggie of cash. I do like to keep it classy.